Explore Kyoto in wearing
rental Kimono.

There are various kinds of Kimono and Yukata in Kyokomachi Rental Kimono.
You can stop by the shop, choose your favorite one and explore Kyoto.
There are many famous sightseeing spots near the shop in Higashi-yama area
such as Yasaka Jinjya Shrine, Kodaiji Temple and Kiyomizu-dera Temple which
you can walk through Ninen-zaka and Sannen Zaka.
The shop is located near the Shimizu-dō bus stop
and is the best location to take a walk
in wearing kimono.
Enjoy and explore the famous
sightseeing spots in Kyoto
such as Gion area, Kiyomizu-dera,
Kodaiji temple, Fushimi Inari,
Golden Temple,
Kyoto station in
Kimono or Yukata.

Rental Plans

  • Kyokomachi’s Plan

    Kyokomachi Plan

    This is our most recommended plan. You can choose your favorite Kimono from over 200 types of designers or branded Kimono. (All included)

  • Select Plan

    Lace Kimono Plan

    A complete set of lace kimonos to choose from for a gorgeous and lovely impression.Various designs and color variations are available.

  • Set Plan

    Set Plan

    This plan is for those who are not sure what type of Kimono suits you. We will choose Kimono, Obi, Zori (Sandales) and a bag for you.

  • Couple Plan

    Couple Plan

    Try wearing Kimono with your special person and enjoy the special situation in Kyoto.

  • Men’s Plan

    Men’s Plan

    We have Kimono for men and the range of height is from 155 cm to 190 cm. Please feel free to come in and enjoy your time in wearing Kimono.

  • Kids Plan

    Kids Plan

    We have Kimono for children (boys and girls) and the range of height is from 85 cm to 130 cm. This plan includes Obi and Zori (sandals). Please note that the number is limited.

  • Kimono Rental 【Kyokomachi】produce by FASHION LEADERS
  • Furisode Plan
  • Summer only Yukata Plan



    • Kiyomizu Head Office

      Kyokomachi Kiyomizu Main Shop

      104 Tatsumi-cho (Higashioji-dori, MatsubaraAgaru),
      Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city


    Kiyomizu Head Office Surrounding Sightseeing